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2022 MTAC Senior Scholarship Auditions

Emily S. - 3rd Place Winner

     Prelude and Fugue in G Major, BWV 884 from WTC II by J. S. Bach
     Sonata, Op.31, No.2, Allegretto by Ludvig van Beethoven
     Rhapsody Op.79 No.2 by J. Brahms

Southern California Junior Bach Festival, 2022

Emily S. - winner

     Prelude and Fugue in G Major, BWV 884 from WTC II by J. S. Bach

~ Certificate of Merit 2022 ~

Level 2

Hailey O. *
     Toccatina by S. Ogilvy
     Allegro in D Major by A. Reinagle

Level 3

Alexey G.

     Sonatina in G Major, Op. 151 No. 1, Moderato by A. Diabelli
     In the Garden, Op. 140, No. 4 by C. Gurlitt
     Glacier Majesty by D. Alexander

Oliver S. *
     Gigue in G Major by G.P. Telemann
     Sonatina in G Major, Op. 151 No. 1, Scherzo by A. Diabelli
     Jammin' on the Bass by M. Bober

Level 4

Luke J.
     Sonatina in C Major , Op. 157. No. 4, Allegro moderato by F. Spindler
     Sonatina in A Minor,, op. 27, no. 18 by D. Kabalevsky
     March in G Major,, BWV Anh. 124 from Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach by J. S. Bach

Mackenie O.
     Allegro in F Major by F. J. Haydn
     Harmony of the Angels,, op. 100, no. 21 by F. Burgmüller
     Sonatina in A minor by Russel Jacoby by R. Jacoby

Level 5

Clare G. *
     Solfeggietto in C Minor by C. P. E. Bach
     Waltz in A Minor, Op.77, No.9 by F. Schubert
     6th Street Stomp by K. Olson

Hazel S. *
     Short Prelude in F Major,, BWV 927 from 18 Short Preludes by J. S. Bach
     Sonatina in F Major, Op. 36, No. 4, Con spirito by M. Clementi
     Rose Tango by M. Bober

Rachel X. *
     Short Prelude in C Minor, BWV 999 from 18 Short Preludes by J. S. Bach
     Waltz in A Minor, Op. post. by F. Chopin
     Sonatina in G Major, Op. 151 No. 1, Rondo - Allegretto by A. Diabelli

Level 7

Ryan J. *
     Presto from Sonata in C Minor by G. Pescetti
     Sonata in G Major, Hob. XVI:6, Finale - Allegro molto by F.J. Haydn
     Mazurka Op.68, No.2 by F. Chopin
     White Heat by R. Vandall

Level 8

Abigail F.

     Sonata in E Major, K.380 by D. Scarlatti
     Sonata K.280 in F Major, Adagio by W. A. Mozart
     Waltz in Ab Major Op.39, No.15 in Ab Major by J. Brahms
     Clowns, Op. 68 No. 5 from Circus Suite by J. Turina

Level 10

Adam M. +
     Prelude and Fugue in A-flat Major, BWV 886, Prelude from WTC II by J. S. Bach
     Sonata in E-flat Major, Op. 81a "Les adieux", Adagio - Allegro by L. van Beethoven
     Etude Op.25 No.11 in A Minor by F. Chopin
     Impromptu in f minor, Op.142 No.4 by F. Schubert
     Toccata in D Minor, Op. 11 by S. Prokofiev

Emily S. * +
     Prelude and Fugue in G Major, BWV 884, Fugue from WTC II by J. S. Bach
     Sonata, Op.31, No.2, Allegretto by Ludvig van Beethoven
     Rhapsody Op.79 No.2 by J. Brahms
     Etude Op.10, No.3 in E Major by F. Chopin
     Montegues and Capulets, op. 75 from Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev

Peter W. +
     Prelude and Fugue in B-flat Major, BWV 866, Fugue from WTC I by J. S. Bach
     Sonata Op.53 "Waldstein" in C Major, Op.53, Allegro con brio by L. van Beethoven
     Prelude from Pour le piano by C. Debussy
     Etude in A Minor, Op. 25, No. 11 by F. Chopin
     The Serpent's Kiss from Garden of Eden by W. Bolcom

* Earned State Honors

+ Earned Senior Medallion

Recital, December 2021

~ Spring Recital, May 2021 ~

Rachel X. - Sonatina, Jacoby
Oliver S. - Musette, J.S. Bach
Theophany P. - French Suite IV, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande
Megan F. - You and Me, Alexander
Niels P. - Haiku, Faber
Katelyn S. - The Poet's Harp, Mendelssohn
Clare G. - Clown Car & Parakeet Waltz, Faber
Rhett J. - Peacherine Rag, Joplin
Emi Y. - By the River's Edge, Klose
Avery F. - Minuet in G, J.S. Bach
Kate F. - The Little Flower, Gurlitt
Lucas M. - Pianist on the Prowl, Vandall
Ellie P. - Ladybug, Ladybug, M. Leaf
Kylie Z. - Wild Horseman, Schumann
Emily S. - Italian Concerto, Bach
Hailey O. - Minuet, L. Mozart
Ryan J. - Allegro, Bach
Oakley S. - A Rainbow is a Smile, Faber
Emily F. - Invention No.8, J.S. Bach
Luke J. - Arabesque, Burgmuller
Courtney C. - Romanian Folk Dance No.6, Bartók
Clare Go. - Theme from Jurassic Park, Williams
Peter W. - Prelude Op.23, No.4, Rachmaninoff
Mackenzie O. - To the Garden, Tansman
Abigail F. - Spanish Dance Op.5, No.1, Granados
Hazel S. - Play It Again, Norton
Benjamin L. - Pterodactyls, Faber
Adam M. - Concerto in A Minor, Grieg
Emma O. - Hush little Baby
Lauren F. - Little Flower, Gurlitt
Jacob Y. - Invention No.13, J.S. Bach
Solomon C. - The Village Prophet, Rosseau
Alexey G. - I Stand All Amazed, arr. McDonald
Yasmin L. - I Love Rain, Faber
Alora Z. - Allegro, Mozart
Danielle D. - Allegro, Bach
Mariah H. - Folk Song, Mendelssohn
Isaac C. - Bullfrog Blues, Faber
JoAnne G. - Minuet
*Madeline F. - Etude Op.10, No.3, Chopin
*Trinity P. - Prelude Op.3, No.2, Rachmaninoff

*graduating Seniors, recipients of the Senior medallion and award

~ Southern California Jr. Bach Festival, April 2021 ~

Theophany P, French Suite IV, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande*
Emily S, Italian Concerto, 1st Movement*
Katelyn S, French Suite V. Courante
Jacob Y, Invention No.13
Emily F, Invention No.8
Mariah H, French Suite No.1, Courante

~ Certificate of Merit, March 2021 ~

Level 2

    Oliver S.*
        Musette, J.S. Bach
        Soldier's March, Schumann
    Kylie Z.*
        Sonatina in C, Andre
        The Wild Horseman, Schumann

Level 3

   Luke J.*
        Fanfare in C, Duncombe
        Arabesque, Burgmuller
        Lazy Days, Mier
    Hazel S.*
        Minuet in G, Pezold
        Through Forest and Field, Gurlitt
        Phantom Rider, Gillock
    Alora Z.*
        Minuet in G, J.S. Bach
        Allegro K.3, Mozart
        The Mechanical Doll, Shostakovich

Level 4

   Kate F.
        German Dance in D, Beethoven
        Harmony of the Angels, Burgmuller
        Razzle-Dazzle Rag, Bober
   Lauren F.*
        German Dance, Beethoven
        A Little Flower, Gurlitt
        Shimmering Prelude, Bober

Level 6

   Ryan J.
        Allegro, W.F. Bach
        Sonatina in G, Diabelli
        Scherzo in D Minor, Gurlitt
        Blues Prelude, Gillock

Level 7

   Abigail F.
        Invention No.1, J.S. Bach
        Sonata XVI:1, Haydn
        Spanish Dance, Op.5, No.1, Granados
        March Op.65, No.10, Prokofiev
   Courtney C.*
        Invention No.14, J.S. Bach
        Sonata Hob.XVI/27, Haydn
        Notturno, Grieg
        Maruntel from Romanian Folk Dances, Bartók
   Rhett J.*
        French Suite No.1, Sarabande, J.S. Bach
        Bagatelle in D, Beethoven
        Peacherine Rag, Joplin
        Fantastic Dance No.1, Shostakovich    

Level 8

   Theophany P.*
        French Suite IV, Allemande, J.S. Bach
        Sonata K.309, Mozart
        The Fleecy Clouds, Mendelssohn
        A Shanghai Tragedy, Chasins
   Katelyn S.*
        French Suite V, Courante, J.S. Bach
        Sonata in D, Haydn
        The Poet's Harp, Mendelssohn
        Le Donjon, Rocherolle
   Mariah H.*
        French Suite I, Courante, J.S. Bach
        Sonata Hob. XVI:34, Haydn
        Folk Song, Mendelssohn
        The Little White Donkey, Ibert
    Jacob Y.*
        Invention No.13, J.S. Bach
        Sonata in B Minor, Haydn
        Maple Leaf Rag, Joplin
        Bulgarian Dance No.2, Bartók

Level 10

    Linnea Y.
        Etude Op.72, No.1, Moszkowski
        Prelude BWV 852, J.S. Bach
        Sonata Op.10, No.2, Beethoven
        Prelude No.12, Debussy
        Graceful Ghost Rag, Bolcom
   Peter W.*
        Etude Op.10, No.12, Chopin
        Prelude BWV 866, J.S. Bach      
        Sonata Op.27, No.2, Presto agitato, Beethoven
        Prelude Op.23, No.4, Rachmaninoff
        Prelude Op.34, No.2, Shostakovich             
   Trinity P.*+
        Etude Op.46, No.4, MacDowell
        Prelude BWV 866, J.S. Bach
        Sonata Op.10, No.1, Beethoven
        Prelude Op.3, No.2, Rachmaninoff
        Waltz from Souvenirs, Barber       
    Madeline F.*+
        Etude Op.10, No.3, Chopin
        Prelude BWV 881, J.S. Bach
        Sonata Op.14, No.1, Beethoven
        Polichinelle, Rachmaninoff
        Impromptu Op.68, No.1, Liebermann

*State Honors Recipients
+Senior Medallion Recipients

2020 Halloween Piano Recital


~ Certificate of Merit 2020 ~

    Iris H.*
        Traffic Zoo!, Alexander
        Reflections in the Pool, Goldston

Level 1
    Oliver S.*
        A Song, Op.36, No.3, Gedike
        Spinfest, Alexander
    Mackenzie O.*
        Gavotte in C, Telemann
        Dream Echoes, Langcaster
    Kylie Z.*
        The Village Prophet, Rosseau
        Green Dragonflies, Mier
Level 2
    Hazel S.*
        Sonatina in G, Romanza, Beethoven
        Elegy, Tingley
    Luke J.*
        Sonatina in C, Tarantella, Spindler
        Grandma's Ginger Cookies, Vandall
    Avery F.*
        March of the Gnomes, Mier
        Chimes, Goldston        
    Alora Z.*
        Sonatina in G, Moderato, Beethoven
        Jumping the Hurdles, Brown

Level 3
    Kate F.
        Minuet in G, Bach
        The Merry Farmer, Schumann
        The Clown, Kabalevsky
    Lauren F.
        Musette, Bach
        La Candeur, Burgmuller
        The Mechanical Doll, Shostakovich
    Rachel X.*
        Sonatina Op.36, No.1, Clementi
        The Wagtail, Burgmuller
        Souvenir, Alexander

Level 4
    Danielle D.
        Polonaise, J.S. Bach
        Sonatina Op.36, No.1, Clementi
        Waltz, Schubert

Level 5
    Ryan J.
        March in G, C.P.E. Bach
        Sonatina Op.36, No.4, Clementi
        Waltz in A Minor, Grieg
    Emily F.*
        French Suite IV, Gavotte, J.S. Bach
        Sailor's Song, Grieg
        Boogie Prelude, Gillock

Level 6
    Courtney C.*
        French Suite IV, Gigue, J.S. Bach
        Sonata K.279, Mozart
        To a Water Lily, MacDowell
        Celestial Lullaby, Alexander
    Abigail F.*
        French Suite VI, Polonaise, Bach
        Sonatina Op.36, No.6, Clementi
        Etude in A Minor, Heller
        Timeless, Alexander
    Mariah H.*
        Invention No.12, J.S. Bach
        Sonata Op.49, No.1, Beethoven
        Alla Tarantella, MacDowell
        Prelude Op.43, No.1, Gliere
    Katelyn S.*
        Invention No.6, J.s. Bach
        Sonata K.309, Mozart
        Nocturne in E-flat, Chopin
        Jazz Prelude No.3, Gillock
    Rhett J.*
        Invention No.8, Bach
        Sonatina Op.20, No.1, Kuhlau
        Confidence, Mendelssohn
        Bagatelle Op.5 No.1, Tcherepnin

Level 7
    Theophany P.*
        Invention No.15, J.S. Bach
        Sonata Hob.XVI:34, Haydn
        Cordoba, Albeniz
        Romanian Folk Dances No.6, Bartók

Level 9  
    Linnea Y.
        Fugue BWV 852, J.S. Bach
        Sonata K.310, Mozart
        Nocturne Op.15, No.1, Chopin
        Piano Blues No.4, Copland
    Adam M.*
        Fugue BWV 861, J.S. Bach
        Sonata op.10, No.1, Allegro molto, Beethoven
        Les collines d'Anacapri, Debussy
        Printemps canadien, Mathieu
    Trinity P.*
        Prelude BWV 850, J.S. Bach
        Sonata K.284, Mozart
        Intermezzo in A, Brahms
        O Polichinelo, Villa Lobos

Level 10
    Emily S.*
        Prelude BWV 858, J.S. Bach
        Sonata Op.22, Beethoven
        Prelude Op.23, No.3, Rachmaninoff
        Etude, Op.1, No.2, Liszt
        Prelude Op.102, No.4, Bowen

 * students who earned State Honors   

~ Southern California Jr. Bach Festival, March 2020 ~

Madeline F. - Toccata in G Major*
Theophany P. - Invention and Sinfonia No.15*
Emily S. - Prelude and Fugue BWV 853*
Abigail F. - French Suite VI, Polonaise
Adam M. - Prelude and Fugue BWV 847
Linnea Y. - Fugue BWV 858
Mariah H. - Invention No.12
Trinity - Prelude BWV 850
Katelyn - Invention No.6


~ Holiday Recital Open House, December 7, 2019 ~

~ Popular/Contemporary Festival, November 2019 ~

Alora Z. - March, Shostakovich
Kylie - Taco Rock, Mier
Jacob Y. - Duel of the Fates, Williams
Jack B. - Surfboard Boogie, Mier
Rhett J. - Bagatelle Op.5, No.1, Tcherepnin
David & Hazel S. - Knock Three Times, Gerou
Luke J. - Space Invaders, Alexander
Avery F. - Flying Fishes, Poe
(non-competitive festival)

~ Spring Recital, June 2019 ~

~ MTAC Scholarship Competition, May 2019 ~

Daria M. - winner

~ Sonata Competition, May 2019 ~

Jonathan W. - Sonata Op.31, No.3, Beethoven - 2nd place
Daria M. - Sonata Op.31, No.2, Beethoven - 3rd place

~ Romantic Festival, April 2019 ~

Madeline F. - Ballade in G Minor, J. Brahms*
Trinity P. - Agitation, Op.53, No.3, J. Brahms*
Abigail F. - Spinning Song, Op.14, No.4, A. Ellmenreich*
Ty J. - L'Orage, Op.109, No.13, F. Burgmuller*
Emily M. - Impromptu, Op.142, No.2, F. Schubert*
*earned Superior ranking