Piano Lessons


30 minute lessons (Beginner)
45 minute lessons (Intermediate, RCM/CM levels 4-8)
1 hour lessons (Advanced, RCM/CM levels 9-10)

Students should bring all of the required books to every lesson. They are expected to come to their lessons with all assignments completed. No food or gum is allowed in the studio. Nails should be trimmed short.

Students who choose to take virtual lessons will need a laptop that is connected to the internet router via ethernet cable. At the time of the lesson, students should be prepared with all of their piano books at the piano, a pencil, 1-inch Post-it notes, and a metronome. 


If you need to miss a private lesson please notify me by 9am the day before the missed lesson in order to schedule a lesson on the next available make up Saturday (see the Calendar for make up lesson dates). There are no make ups for missed performance classes, workshops, or recitals. 

  • access to a piano for daily practice, which is in good repair and tuned regularly (at least annually)
  • metronome
  • 3-ring binder for lesson assignments
  • music bag to keep all materials, books, flashcards, etc.
  • music books  

A regular daily practice schedule will ensure long-lasting habits and steady progress. Students should practice 6 days a week. Parents should provide a quiet, focused atmosphere for their child's daily practice. Students should follow the practice instructions carefully, completing any assigned charts, for each song as outlined in the notebook. Parents should monitor practicing and see that assignments are completed. 

Levels Prep-2, 30-45 minutes a day
Levels 2-5, 45-60 minutes a day
Levels 6-7, 60-90 minutes a day
Levels 8-10, 90-150 minutes a day


Students are expected to attend and participate in studio performance classes, workshops, and recitals. In addition, there may be other performance opportunities throughout the year including festivals and competitions. Check the Calendar for event dates.


Students may participate in the annual California Certificate of Merit, Royal Conservatory of Music, or Utah Achievement in Music performance and theory exams. CM is an online exam with video submissions and an online theory exam. Fees range from $85-110 based on the level and it is now open to students who live outside of California. RCM exams are in person and fees range from $65-310. 


Each fall an annual challenge is presented to students and they have the school year to complete the challenge.


Students are encouraged to attend public concerts and/or recitals at least twice a year. 


Semester 1 (August-December 2022)
  • 18 Private Lessons
  • 3 Performance Classes
  • 1 Theory/Ear-Training Workshop
  • 1 Studio Recital 
  • 1 Community Service Performance
$725 for 30 minute lessons (or $150/month)
$900 for 45 minute lessons (or $185/month)
$1,075 for 1 hour lessons (or $220/month)

Semester 2 (January-May 2023)
  • 18 Private Lessons
  • 3 Performance Classes
  • 1 Theory/Ear-Training Workshop
  • 1 Studio Recital 
  • 1 Community Service Performance
$725 for 30 minute lessons (or $150/month)
$900 for 45 minute lessons (or $185/month)
$1,075 for 1 hour lessons (or $220/month)

Tuition for Fall and Winter/Spring semesters may be paid monthly or by semester. Fall and Winter/Spring tuition rates remain the same each month regardless of the number of private lessons, performance classes, etc. within a month. There is no transfer of tuition from one month to another or a reduction in monthly tuition due to missed private lessons, classes, or recitals. Additional fees associated with programs such as Certificate of Merit, festivals, and competitions will be charged for students participating in such events. Tuition is due the first lesson of each month. The late fee is $15 for tuition received after the 15th of the month.  

Summer Lessons (June-July 2023)

$35/lesson for 30 minutes
$45/lesson for 45 minutes
$55/lesson for 1 hour 

Students must take a minimum of 4 lessons in June/July in order to reserve their spot for the fall. Summer lessons are flexible and can be scheduled around students' summer camps and family vacations. Tuition summer lessons is due at the beginning of each month.  


I believe in maintaining mutual respect between the parent and the teacher. I will work hard to develop the type of relationship with each student that will make him feel encouraged, motivated, and inspired. Open and honest communication between myself and the parents is essential.

I encourage parents to develop a healthy and positive relationship regarding their child's daily practice regime. Parents should think of creative incentives and rewards for their child's hard, consistent work. They should be cheerleaders for their children. Practicing can be tricky and frustrating for the student at times. Keeping the experience positive and uplifting will make for much more effective progress.