Monday, January 21, 2013


Performance Classes
Saturday, January 26th, 9:00 and 10:00 AM

Practice Contest
January 7 - March 8

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Students received a summer 2012 piano composition assignment. Themes and styles varied greatly and all pieces were extremely creative. Students performed their compositions in the December recitals. 

Autumn Blues, Andrew (jazz style)
Back Uptown, Maren (jazz style)
Bourrée, David (Baroque style)
Butterflies, Clare** (contemporary character piece)
Carousel, Katie W. (contemporary waltz)
Firefly Chase, Emily B. (contemporary character piece)
Hot Air Balloons, Minnie (new age style)
I'm a Little Firefly, Abigail (children's song)
Journey, Ceight*** (new age style)
Midnight Scare, Christine (classical-contemporary style)
Minuet, Emma B. (neo-Classical style)
Moonlight Magic, Madeline** (new age Celtic style)
Pogo Stick, Katie C. (contemporary character piece)
Rushing Rivers, Emma M. (neo-Romantic style)
Seashell Samba, Emily M. (rhythmic Latin style)
Simplicity, Madisenne (neo-Romantic style)
Slight of Hand, Jonathan W.* (jazz style)
Storm Magic, Cassidy (contemporary character piece)
Sunset Clouds, Peter W. (new age style)
The Haunted Winds, Nicholas W. (contemporary character piece)
The Magic Wand, Emily S. (contemporary character piece)
The Rattlesnake's Bite, Griffin* (contemporary character piece)

*Students entered their compositions in the PTA Reflections contest and won at the school level
**Composition won at the local school and the Palomar Council level (school district) 
***Ceight composed more than 20 pieces including On Eagle's Wings and Spirit of the Wind