Monday, October 14, 2013

Performance Class

October 18, 9:00 AM

Emma M., Baptism, Butterfly
William, Waterslide, Playful Puppy
Maddie & Peter, Summer Samba
Courtney & Abby, Central Park Ride
Griffin, Star Wars
Katie & Linnea, Blackberry Rag
Grace, Yo Ho
Kristina, Lotus Land
Andrew, Bagatelle
Ceight, Bumble Boogie
Emma B., Pink Panther
Abby B., Bagpipe
Sunny, March of the Gnomes
Emily S., Screamin' Cat Boogie
Courtney, On a Greek Island
Emily M., Desertayres
Trinity, The Banshee's Ball

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Popular/Contemporary Music Festival

October 19th, Escondido Library

The following students are participating in the Popular/Contemporary Music Festival:

Kristina, "Lotus Land", Cyril Scott
Andrew, "Bagatelle Op.5, No.10", Alexander Tcherepnin
Ceight, "Bumble Boogie", Jack Fina, Arr.Louis Busch
Emily M., "Desertayres", Anne Demarest
Emma B. "The Pink Panther", Henry Mancini
Griffin, "Star Wars", John Williams
William, "Water Slide", Robert Vandall
Trinity, "The Banshee's Ball", Anne Crosby
Emily S. "Screamin' Cat Boogie", Dennis Alexander