Saturday, November 9, 2013

Recital Open House

November 23rd, 11:30-3:00

Christine A.
Concerto No. 2, 1st Movement, Camille Saint-Saens
David A.
Prelude in B Major, BWV 892, Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto No. 3, Rondo, Ludwig van Beethoven
Paul B.
Country Ride, Louis Kohler
Jumping Jelly Beans, Chris Goldston
Indian Feather Dance, Margaret Goldston
Emma B.
Innocence,  Friedrich Burgmuller
The Pink Panther, Henry Mancini
Griffin B.
Star Wars, John Williams
Black Cat Boogie, Kevin Olson (duet with Emma B.)
Minnie B.
To a Wild Rose, Edward MacDowell
Sonata L.79, Domenico Scarlatti
Sunny B.
March, Dmitry Shostakovich
March of the Gnomes, Martha Mier
Abigail B.
Bagpipe, Anonymous
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, R. Sherman
Grace B.
Yo Ho, George Bruns
Canzonetta, Geza Horvath
Courtney C.
On a Greek Island, Mark Mrozinski
Central Park Ride, Robert Vandall (duet with Abigail F.)
Kathryn C.
Swaying Willow Trees, Martha Mier
Blackberry Rag, Martha Mier (duet with Linnea Y.)

Andrew C.
Nocturne in F Minor, Frederic Chopin
Bagatelle, Op.5, No.10, Alexander Tcherepnin
Kristina C.
Prelude in D-flat major, Frederic Chopin
Lotus Land, Cyril Scott
Emily D.
Our Day to Share, Randall Hartsell
The Little Trifle, Francois Couperin
Abigail F.
Jack and Jill, Renee Christopher
Peanut Butter Taffy, John Robert Poe
Central Park Ride, Robert Vandall (duet with Courtney C.)

Madeline F.
Bagatelle, Bela Bartok
Summer Samba, Melody Bober (duet with Peter Wraith)
Clare G.
Ladybug Boogie, Martha Mier
Puff the Magic Dragon, Lipton and Yarrow
Ceight L.
The Storm, Friedrich Burgmuller
Bumble Boogie, Jack Fina
Emma M.
Butterfly, Edvard Grieg
Danza de la moza donora, Alberto Ginastera
Spencer M.
Frogs and Snakes, Dennis Alexander
Daydreams and Sunbeams, Dennis Alexander
Big Chief Running Bear, Dennis Alexander
William M.
Playful Puppy, Linda Niamath
Water Slide, Robert Vandall
Emily M.
Desertayres, Anne Demarest
Harmony of Angels, Friedrich Burgmuller
Theophany P.
Sonatina: Allegro Moderato, Andantino, C.H. Wilton
March King, Dennis Alexander
Trinity P.
The Banshee’s Ball, Anne Crosby
Menuet en rondeau, Jean-Philippe Rameau
Emily S.
Nocturne,  Paul Sheftel
Screamin’ Cat Boogie, Martha Mier
Nina S.
Air from Water Music, George Friderick Handel
Morning from Peer Gynt, Edvard Grieg
Jonathan W.
Prelude in D Minor, BWV 935, Johann Sebastian Bach
Hedwig’s Theme, John Williams
Katie W.
Maple Leaf Rag, Scott Joplin
Nicholas W.
Prelude in C Minor, Friedrick Chopin
He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean, Klaus Badelt
Peter W.
Sonatina Op.20, No.1, Allegro, Friedrich Kuhlau
Summer Samba, Melody Bober (duet with Madeline F.)

Linnea Y.
Thistles in the Wind, Martha Mier
Sonatina, Albert Biehl
Blackberry Rag, Martha Mier (duet with Katie C.)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Duet Festival

November 16th at the Studio of Ayse Underhill in Del Mar

The following duet teams will perform in the Duet Festival:

Central Park Ride, Robert Vandall (Abigail & Courtney)

Summer Samba, Melody Bober (Madeline & Peter)

Blackberry Rag, Martha Mier (Katie C. & Linnea)